The 3 Absolute Best Pillows for Neck Problems

Of all the parts of your body which bear heavy strains all day, the neck and feet perhaps have it worst. While bearing less weight than feet, your neck continues to work hard even as you sleep. Improper alignment of your spine or a poor angle when you sleep can easily leave you with a stiff and sore neck throughout the next day.

One of the easiest ways to fight morning stiffness and reduce chronic neck pain is to choose the right pillow and in this case, the best pillow for neck pain. These three pillows are all designed to support the neck and combat neck problems. These pillows are not all ideal for stomach sleepers (see our favorite pillows for stomach sleepers instead) due to the unique requirements posed by that position, but still provide excellent comfort for back and side sleepers.


Ergonomic Bed Pillow by SNUZ

Creating a pillow which works for all sleeping positions isn’t easy. SNUZ has tackled the problem by creating a two-chambered, premium 300 thread count hypoallergenic cotton pillow that has an equal amount of stuffing on both sides and stitching down the middle to create a permanent hourglass shape and keep the filling from shifting around. Getting a good night’s sleep with back pain often starts with the pillow and this is a good one.

These chambers are then stuffed with a polyester microfiber filling that remains soft during the night without sacrificing proper neck and head support. By making the chambers equal instead of having one larger like you’ll find in most similar pillows, side and stomach sleepers may turn their head to either side without having to readjust the pillow or better breathability. As a runner up on our best pillows for back sleepers page, it obviously works very well for most back sleepers as well.

Unfortunately, no pillow is perfect for everyone, and this ergonomic bed pillow is no exception. Due to the degree of softness, the most frequent complaint comes from people who simply prefer a firmer pillow. There have also been a few instances where users feel the pillow becomes flatter after regular use, although this complaint does not seem to occur often.

On the converse side consumers who have tried this pillow after suffering back or neck injuries generally feel that this pillow provides more comfort and reduces their overall pain. Finally, many users have noted that this pillow also helps provide back support while in a seated position, making the pillow a good choice for those who prefer something capable of both day and night use.

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Low Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow

This pillow focuses on people with smaller necks to create a low-profile product that is ideal for children and adults alike. The removable case made from a Kool-Flow® micro-vented bamboo/polyester blend to reduce warming and add softness.

Inside is a special density high grade foam designed to have higher breathability, chosen and by a veteran chiropractor to ensure both comfort and support. As a result this product is hypoallergenic, dust mite and bacteria resistant, and stays cooler than other memory foam pillows while simultaneously providing targeted neck support and a shape which holds up over time.

There are two common complaints about this pillow, both of which are matters of personal preference. The first is a matter of softness. This memory foam pillow is very soft, and some users have found that it simply lacks the amount firmness that they prefer.

The second complaint is a matter of height. This pillow has a two and one half inch thickness, which is ideal for people who prefer a low profile, but may prove too low for others. Neither of these issues affect the overall enjoyment by most consumers, and it has proven to be highly comfortable for people suffering from simple dislike of thicker pillows to chronic neck pain sufferers and even those with disk injuries.

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Contour Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow by PharMeDoc

Most pillows are a simple combination of cover and filler, but this contour memory pillow is far more complex. The contoured hypoallergenic memory foam features special cooling gel technology to diffuse heat and provide a more comfortable sleep.

The removable cover is made of a polyester/cotton blend and treated using aloe vera technology to provide additional softness and comfort. Designed to be fully reversible, this pillow is made specifically with neck pain sufferers in mind.

Consumers have two common complaints with this product beyond the usual issues of perfect height or softness. The first complaint is in regards to the cooling gel. While the gel does help keep the pillow cooler to the touch and even helps reduce the temperature while you sleep, this is still a memory foam pillow and thus absorbs heat. Users have commented that the pillow does not heat as much as normal foam pillows, but gets warmer than they expected from the description.

A second common issue brought up by numerous users is the smell. While this odor is not present for everybody, those who have reported it often claim the smell permeates even after washing and can be very strong in some cases. But after a few days, the smell goes away. Overall, this pillow works best for side sleepers or back sleepers, and seems to be very effective at reducing neck pain due to injuries in a large number of cases.

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